Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Temporary Change of Subject!

While my blog suffers a temporary hiccough and I find out where I put the photographs which used to live here, why not have a look at this instead?

This beautiful protected area is, incredibly, the subject of a big business over conservation zone priorities fight.

Locals obviously want to protect the wildlife in this unique triple protected status area, but that counts for nothing when faced with shareholders dividends. 

All the details are in this website.  I have posted more on my photography blog here 

and this website below is where all the info and further links are including FB, twitter, press releases, links and stuff.  Behind the scenes are incredibly hard working locals who are fighting against faceless big businessmen who are only interested in finding a loophole so they can rip up a stunning Marine Conservation Zone.

Its a David and Goliath situation at the moment, surely right will win out in the end?

Save our Sealife, while there's still a chance for it to survive.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Curvy Shrimp

  Lifting photographs off the page with shadows and shearing effects is one of the new range of photo cards now available through my web site.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Art Nouveau Sign

A retro step for me as I create a house sign with a numeral on it!

I have got so used to fancy-tizing lettering that I quite enjoyed the design of using only two numbers.
The challenge was to be able to make them into another design afterwards so the bookmark,  which accompanied the commission, was the same, but different enough to be a design element in its own right.

Design for '19' on slate

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lost Shed Art

The new gardening season is upon us which means the annual garden shed tidy out.  Under the impression I could easily find all the garden tools and seed trays, I waded in, and found these paintings on canvas created by Himself before we even moved to Cornwall!

The snow I remember well.  When we moved down here to the warmer South of England, we thought we had left the winter season of white blankets of coldness behind us, only to face the most freezing, snowiest winters the area had known for decades!

Due to the ravages of being 'temporarily' housed in an outside shed for years, these paintings were not salvageable, so we photographed them and let them go by way of a neighbours bonfire.  They are no more but at least we have these images.

Flight of Fancy
Yorkshire Hillside

Quiet, White Winter

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dip Pen Guitar Art

Hand painting Celtic Knots onto a guitar body is awkward enough, this time I decided to try using a dip pen to get a more 'hands on' look to this design which I created to fit the Stratocaster body.
For this work I used acrylic inks for their ability to be lacquered over for a protective coating, I used this '217' nib which is a current favourite of mine.

Solo Dip Pen

Ivory and Paynes Grey Celtic Knot Design applied with dip pen and acrylic ink

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Carsick Mart gets Knotted....

....Celtic knotted that is! Design created using old fashioned dip pen and acrylic ink onto Stratocaster copy just in time for Christmas morning.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Thank You

Hey, I know I was warned about putting original designs onto the Internet, but having had so much inspiration from seeing other artists' works in progress and final designs in all kinds of mediums I felt it was a way of contributing to this treasure trove of art sources.   

I have thoroughly enjoyed   http://clientsfromhell.net   which I found a link to from CJ Kennedys blog and in it  learned about some of the attitudes which plague anyone putting something out there in the ether for all to take advantage of.  Most are honourable people who will respect copyrights and good business ethics, some only see it as a source of free design materials based on the assumption that
1. the artist will ever see what has been stolen and marketed under another name
2. the difficulty and cost in time and money of counteracting this theft.

I now find I have so much more time without Facebook, and without considering what to present and preparing photos of art for this lettering art blog, in fact, I have more time and brain space to do Lettering Art!   I gave the Internet networking a year to make itself an asset to my life and work, I do think it has done both these things but has also shown a dark underbelly which I choose now to withdraw my designs from.

I love the new technologies and all the wonders which have opened up to me, but I am going back to my old fashioned way of being a temperamental artist and to resume using the word  'Darlingks', wearing dark glasses and long floaty scarves.

Thank you to all who have visited my Lettering Art Blog, the wonderful comments and confidence boost it gave me to know so many people enjoyed seeing what I had created.    I will still be enjoying the many inspirational artists whose blogs I follow.  

My Photo Journal Blog continues as usual about the wonderful part of this island I live on.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Missing Photographs

A suspicion that my designs are being used for more than just inspiration has caused me to make a sorrowful decision.

I am removing all of my posts relating to my final designs.

Once again I will be personally supervising the viewing of finished commissions and new works.  Word of mouth has always worked well for me in the past and I feel I have given the Internet fair chance to be part of that word.
The way people can stay faceless and unaccountable by reason of being in another country or simply by being invisible as many are on the Internet means I no longer feel I want to lay myself open to design theft in this form.

The greatest part of my work is commission based, so I have the luxury of knowing who is allowed to reproduce my designs.  I keep all copyright to ALL of my work so if anyone is in any doubt whether they may be able to reproduce from any other site - NO!

It is not just me this happens to.  Artists all over the world are systematically being ripped off and there is very little chance of ever knowing about it until something hits the shops and you recognise it as your own work.  It could be as a framed 'original' artwork for sale, or even a cheap imported tee shirt.

There may well be some odd gaps I have missed while Blogger does its updating of the alterations.  Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you to all the lovely people out there who have genuinely enjoyed my artwork and made such rewarding comments.  I will continue to blog but will simply be concentrating on my Photographic blog where I can stamp watermarks upon each photograph and continue to share my Cornwall and Devon Experience with my friends, family and the wider web world out there.

Wonderful definition of plagiarism if anyone wants to check it out:-

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cartoon Blog

Gratuitous Nepotism, what else can I say, he makes me laugh!

Here is the link to my dear husbands new cartoon blog...

Martin FW, the photo that inspired art!

Back in the olden days, Mums used to knit their children's bathing costumes, they were never called swimming costumes in case anyone tried to swim in them, or rather out of them as the case would be!  Thank goodness for the introduction of Lycra!

Photographic Journal Blog

Photographic Journal Blog